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Human Rights A Classification For A Globalized World Essay

Human Rights: A Classification for a Globalized World According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, human rights is defined as â€Å"rights (as freedom from unlawful imprisonment, torture, and execution) regarded as belonging fundamentally to all persons† (â€Å"Human Rights†). Majority of Americans can come to a conclusion of knowing and understating the basic principles of human rights. Throughout history classes in the United States children are repeatedly read these rights through the Declaration of Independence which states everyone possess the equal amount of rights regardless of gender, race, and financial status. However, on a global spectrum human rights hold different values. Certain countries do not hold up to the same philosophies as America. Human rights differentiate in Sweden, Brazil, and Libya based on sexual orientation, labor rights, and the conditions of detention centers depending on the government. To start, human rights may not have many vari ables in America as both men and women possess the privilege of equality however, in other countries women still battle to receive the same amount of rights men have. For instance women in Libya presently still struggle to acquire the same rights as men. According to the Constitutional Declaration Libya is said to be a democracy forum allowing all citizens to implement political, domestic, and legal rights. Women encounter discrimination that immensely impacts their opportunity to employment, their manifestation inShow MoreRelatedThe Language Of The Aztec People Essay1618 Words   |  7 Pagesdisappearing completely, however do we have the right? Take a moment to imagine aliens have invaded the planet earth and the human race has lost the war. Now that the aliens have taken control of the planet we, the human race, must begin the process of assimilating into their culture. In this process we must give up our languages, cultures and beliefs to please our alien overlords. Anything t hat is alien has become a symbol of wealth and power. Anything human is considered inferior. As a result the majorityRead MoreHuman Resource Management in the Global Environment984 Words   |  4 PagesHuman Resources Management in the Global Environment 1 Human Resources Management in the Global Environment Today’s job market is rapidly becoming globalized and more companies are entering into international markets in a variety of ways. Some companies are building plants in other countries, some companies are exporting products overseas, and some are entering into alliances with foreign companies. No matter how the involvements begin, the reality is that in today’s world, managing globalRead MoreGlobalization And Its Effect On Society1546 Words   |  7 PagesHowever, I would like to discuss the adverse effects and consequences of such fixation on progress and development, illustrated by the state of globalization and the imposition of rational order throughout the world. The enthusiasm for ration and technology to govern the human and natural world encourages entities to attempt developmental projects or create solutions that only benefit the sovereign or force developing countries into a Western framework. According to lectures, stage theories representRead MoreRace As A Social Construction1679 Words   |  7 Pagesparagraphs I will examine the premise of race and try to demonstrate why it is a social construct. After extensive study by scientists, it was concluded that there are no distinct biological characteristics of the race. Instead race, as the modern world had come to understand it, is a set of arbitrary distinctions of groups of people that genetically have no significance. Race is a relatively new concept. Coined by Johann Friedrich Blumenbach during the age of enlightenment around the late 18th centuryRead MoreThe Rights Of The Correctional Guards1788 Words   |  8 PagesAshley Smith and the Implications for Human Rights: Human rights at the international level is an ideology built around principles of indivisibility and interdependence of human rights — a view about how the world ought to be. Even in a globalized world, the state is primary protector of human rights and is responsible for taking measures to make sure the laws are not used to discriminate against particular individuals and groups. The ideology of human rights is different from that of racism andRead MoreImpact Of Globalization On International Business2183 Words   |  9 PagesWHAT IS GLOBALIZATION Fundamentally, globalization is the closer integration of countries and peoples of the world which has been brought about by the enormous reductions of costs of transport and communications and the breaking down of artificial barriers to the flow of goods, services, capital, knowledge and to a lesser extent. Globalization is an umbrella term for a complex series of economic, social, technological, cultural and political changes seen as increasing interdependence, integrationRead MoreImpact Of Globalization On International Business2183 Words   |  9 PagesWHAT IS GLOBALIZATION Fundamentally, globalization is the closer integration of countries and peoples of the world which has been brought about by the enormous reductions of costs of transport and communications and the breaking down of artificial barriers to the flow of goods, services, capital, knowledge and to a lesser extent. Globalization is an umbrella term for a complex series of economic, social, technological, cultural and political changes seen as increasing interdependence, integrationRead MoreHuman Security And State Security1820 Words   |  8 Pages With such a globalized world, many of today’s issues pose threats to human and state security. These threats are broken down into four categories: migration, food issues, epidemics, and environmental issues. While each classification affects both human and state security, they prove to be more threatening to one more than the other. This paper will explore which issues are more threatening to which type of security by first defining huma n and state security. Next, the effect these topics have onRead MoreBUAD Exam Study Guide Essay1793 Words   |  8 Pagesgood example of this is the diffusion of food chains, such as McDonalds, KFC and so forth. Although local brand representations are somewhat customized to local cultures, overall they still represent the core of their brands in a global market. The globalized markets, however, don’t consist primarily of consumer goods, but rather of commodities, such as aluminum, wheat, and oil. Globalization of production refers to the diffusion of production in a way that helps companies capitalize on the costRead MoreDomestic Terrorism And International Terrorism1939 Words   |  8 PagesThe responsibility of combating domestic terrorism falls on the following forms of government: federal, state, local, and tribunal territories. Some of the primary concerns involved with domestic terrorism is the lone-offender, eco terrorist/animal rights extremist, and more currently the â€Å"Sovereign Citizen† extremist movement. These three groups of domestic terrorist will be further examined later in this paper. International Terrorism is categorized by the FBI as occurring primarily outside the

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What Are Fossil Fuels - 1922 Words

Today when our car is running low on gas, all we do is stop at a gas station and fill it up. We do not even take a second to think about it, we just do it. Not many people stop and think about how the fuel we are putting into our cars got to the gas station in the first place. The bad news for us is that oil, along with a few other resources, are fossil fuels. Almost everyone’s daily life uses fossil fuels in one way or another. The big question that not many people ask or know the answer to is; what are fossil fuels? To find out what fossil fuels are, we must first know how they were formed. They were at first actual living organisms. â€Å"They were formed from prehistoric plants and animals that lived hundreds of millions of years ago† (Department of Energy, N.d, p.1). Examples of fossil fuels are oil, coal, and natural gas. All three of these resources are given a term â€Å"non-renewable.† This is because once we use all of these resources up, they are gone forever. These non-renewable resources also cannot be replaced in our lifetime. There is only a certain amount of these fossil fuels left in the Earth for us to be able to use. To better understand fossil fuels, we need to look at each one separately. The first fossil fuel that most people think of is oil. â€Å"Oil was formed from layers of sediments rich in the remains of tiny (microscopic) plants and animals. As the layers were buried deeper and deeper below younger layers of sediment, the plant and animalShow MoreRelatedWhat Are Fossil Fuels?1387 Words   |  6 PagesStarting small I wanted to explain what fossil fuels are exactly. Also how they are non- renewable, meaning that they indeed will run out one day, and there is no way how to replenish the supply after it is gone. Fossil fuels are natural fuels such as coal or gas, these fuels formed in the geological past from the remains of microscopic plants and ancient animals like dinosaurs that lived and died mi llions of years ago. The plants and animals or (diatoms) absorbed energy that came from the biggestRead MoreWhat Are Fossil Fuels?912 Words   |  4 Pagesabout it, we just do it. Not many people stop and think about how the fuel we are putting into our cars got to the gas station in the first place. The bad news for us is that oil, along with a few other resources, are fossil fuels. Almost everyone’s daily life uses fossil fuels in one way or another. The big question that not many people ask or know the answer to is; what are fossil fuels? To find out what fossil fuels are, we must first know how they were formed. They were at first actualRead MoreWhat Can Replace Conventional Fossil Fuel?930 Words   |  4 PagesWhat can replace conventional fossil fuel? Aviation industry has been booming over the couple of years. This would mean that the usage of fossil fuels to power the airplanes is increasing annually. Using rough calculations, it is shown that there are over 100, 000 flights flown everyday [1] . To get a clearer picture on the usage of fossil fuels used, let’s assume every usage of flight consumes 10,000 litres of jet fuel per day, so approximately 1 billion litres of fuel would be consumed. Over theRead MoreWhat Are Your Recommendations For Using Fossil Fuels And Renewable Energy Sources?912 Words   |  4 Pages1. What are your recommendations for using fossil fuels and renewable energy sources? The United States currently uses approximately one quarter of the world’s total energy consumption (Toossi). With around 322 million people inhabiting the United States, our population accounts for just fewer than 5% of the total world population. That means that our 5% of the world’s population is using 25% of the world’s energy! Something has to be done. To begin to understand why, we need to break down ourRead MoreFossil Fuels And Their Impact On The Environment862 Words   |  4 PagesFossil Fuels and Their Impact on the Environment The amount of fossil fuels being deposited into the air should be controlled. Not only do fossil fuels pose a threat to the environment, but also to human health. The problem is not only noticeable in the depletion of human health, but also in the air, water, and land. Emissions are a concerning contribution to other problems such as global warming and greenhouse gases as well. One of the major factors of fossil fuels are vehicles. VehiclesRead MoreThe World s Dependence On Fossil Fuels1706 Words   |  7 PagesDependence on Fossil Fuels Introduction: When you think of fossil fuels what comes to mind? Perhaps you think of the massive oil rigs set up around the world or maybe your mind wonders to how fossil fuels formed in the Earth millions of years ago. Truthfully the full extent of our usage of fossil fuels around the world is widely not realized. Around the Christmas season as you decorate your Christmas trees consider this: if your Christmas tree is artificial then it is likely manufactured with fossil fuelsRead MoreFossil Fuels ( Oil, Coal, Natural Gas )1743 Words   |  7 Pages Fossil Fuels (Oil, Coal, Natural Gas) Debbie Burrell SCI2000 Gwynedd Mercy University Abstract Fossil fuels are non-renewable sources of energy that were form billions of years ago. The three different types of fossil fuels in the world include: oil, coal and natural gas. Although each of the three types of fossil fuels are extracted differently they are all processed and used as the world’s primary sources of energy. Being the world’s primary sources of energy, fossil fuel experienceRead MoreOur Impact On The Environment Essay689 Words   |  3 Pagestrying to get what might be left, resulting in even more damage. Fossil fuels are a non-renewable source of energy, which include oil, coal, and natural gas (Ecomi, 2008). When all the fossil fuels in the Earth are used up, they cannot be replaced. They are produced out of decomposed plants and animals that date back more than six-hundred million years (Bloch, 2009). Currently, fossil fuels are being used very quickly. Almost every modern living function depends on the use of fossil fuels. WithoutRead MoreFossil Fuels And Its Effects On Our World1573 Words   |  7 PagesFossil fuels have been a big discussion in today’s world due to the pollution they have been causing on the earth. Fossil fuels have been creating energy for the world for so many years. Fossil fuels like oil, natural gas, and coals used every day by almost every American. We use it to travel, to keep us warm, to cook our food, and many other everyday activities, but we don’t know the harm it is doing to the world. Thanks to Media today we are starting to realize the damage fossil fuel is causingRead MoreAdvantages Of Fossil Fuels998 Words   |  4 PagesWhat are fossil fuels? Fossil fuels are a type of gas that dominate the energy sources. Fossil fuels are one of the most used and they are starting to run out. They are mostly used due their low prices. They estimate that by the end of the 21st century fossil fuel nuclear What are fossil fuels? Fossil fuels are a type of gas that dominate the energy sources. Fossil fuels are one of the most used and they are starting to run out. They are mostly used due their low prices. They estimate that by the

New Article Reveals the Low Down on Do My Term Paper for Me and Why You Must Take Action Today

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Roderic OConor Essay Example

Roderic OConor Paper Art is the creation of beautiful or significant things and throughout Ireland in the early 19th century, they were many artists that emerged and produced such art. Roderic OConor was a significant, famous individual who emerged out of Ireland as the most important Irish artist of the late 19th century. OConor was born in 1860 at Milton in County Roscommon. He was an immensely talented character, independent thinker and experimentalist that painted with great range and distinction. He firstly began his work at the Metropolitan School and then at the Royal Hibernian Academy (RHA) in Dublin, where he studied for one year. Like many of his contemporaries at this time, OConor wanted to further and broaden his horizons and artistic knowledge and in 1884, he moved from Dublin to Antwerp and then to Paris, where he became an eleve de M Carolus-Duran. He never returned to Ireland. OConor has been called, variously, a little known member of the Pont-Aven school, an Irish Expressionist, a Fauve, a master of color and even an Irish-American as you will later on, understand why. We will write a custom essay sample on Roderic OConor specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Roderic OConor specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Roderic OConor specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer OConors origins are obscure and his life to say the least is that of a recluse. He was a very wealthy, yet private and personal artist who rarely exhibited his work or sold any of his paintings. OConor was a connoisseur and a highly cultured man who remained alert all his life to current trends in art and literature in Ireland and in Europe. With a modest, yet powerful personality, OConor was a unique entity that strived on bridging the gap between realism and post-impressionism. Living his entire career in France, OConor spent longer in France than any other Irish painter. He became completely integrated with French painters. OConor was associated with great names in French art, including Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin, which he met in Pont Aven before 1893. This particular period in OConors life is said to be the most noteworthy chapter in his career. In the 1890s, the most significant period in OConors life, he began painting landscapes and figure pieces, vibrant with colour, painted in a bold, impressionistic manner. His combinations of reds and greens, pinks and lilacs, oranges and maroons etc characterized his paintings. His technique gave his work an identifiable stamp in the 1890s, but it was his use of hot colours and colour combinations that expresses his powerful yet self-doubting temperament, and gives his work its recognisable individuality. Such a painting that portrays his personality at this time was Field of Corn, Pont Even 1892. This particular painting demonstrates his expressiveness and how he had a ribbon effect in his work. The picture captures something of the haughty dignity of the primitive peasant nature within the Village of Breton in Pont Even. The varied approaches of 19th-century artists to landscape painting provide insight into their enjoyment of the natural world. While some artists in Europe painted to capture natures myriad components in detail, others sought to recreate its atmospheric conditions, fleeting impressions, or to grasp its eternal essence. OConor was influenced by many artists but one particular artist he greatly admired was Vincent Van Gogh as mentioned above. Van Gogh used to be a realist painter, once troubled and even suffered from paranoia. Van Gogh used primary colours and a technique of dashes of colour, which is channelled through his paintings in hoping to create swirling patterns. When OConor painted Field of Corn, it portrayed a warm, delicate example of his use of parallel-hatched brushstrokes, weighed down with strong and pure colours, work Van Gogh was aspired to. OConors passion and intensity to be a fine artist shone through. He painted quickly and loosely, playing with lights and colours to create an image. He was aware of colour theory and impressionism, as he allows colours to react simultaneously if they are complementary to each other. He gives us a feeling of landscape in this piece without trying to be photographic, yet we can criticise him, in that he obtained knowledge from other realists and that the painting was portrayed as very ordinary and not very pragmatic. OConor explored a technique of etching through Armand Seguin, using similar rhythmic lines to those of his striped paintings. In making these etchings, OConor worked very spontaneously, using strong directional lines to capture the wildness of the Brittany landscape and create a sense of compressed energy. As stated before, his work is closely linked to European trends and that of Van Gogh and even Gauguin, as the impressionist input is emphasised through the colours and light he uses and the post-impressionist influence is noticed through playing with lines and depth, yet OConor is still believed to remain an individual. Gauguin was said to have urged OConor to depart Paris with him and set out for the South Seas but he refused because OConor had discovered, in the wild and isolated landscape of Brittany, a totally absorbing subject for his art. For the rest of his life, OConor continued to live in Brittany, Paris where he fell in love and later married a young French woman. At this time, OConors paintings were relatively traditional and straightforwardly realistic, drawing connections between realism and impressionism, some showing the influences of Gauguin and later, some anticipating tenancies such as Fauvism and expressionism, which afterwards became movements or styles. According to Arnold, Bruce A Concise History of art (1968) London, Thames and Hudson (p.) OConor was said to have went through 3 not very distinctive periods in his life. From 1889-1900, OConors work was strongly influenced by Vincent Van Gogh as mentioned above. His pictures utilized a stripy technique, heavy painting, with relatively subdued colours. In 1894, after forming a close relationship with Gauguin in Pont Even, OConors technique changes. Instead of using thick paint (Impasto), which was present in his striped landscapes e.g. Field of Corn 1892, and influenced many other artists, OConor employed changes in his brush marks, which became more fluid and elongated, using the paint more delicately and thinly, painting wet on wet, implementing more mixing and blending of colour on the canvas. This emphasising a feeling of apathy and indifference in creating real space and depth in the work. It has become obvious how trends, development and movements of different styles of art in Europe in the 19th century have influenced OConor, possibly because he fell in love with the tendency of different movement styles and techniques that France had to offer him. From 1900-1910, it was an important part in the artists life. His colours became rich, strong and beautifully balanced and a highly distinctive palette emerges in his canvases. After 1910, his work becomes much more diverse, his style ranges more extensively, yet at this particular period, there was a convinced loss of intensity. This picture of a young Breton Girl in 1906 by OConor was a rather weary and exhausted piece, expressing the girls bold stare and blunt features. Her pose is expressionless and vacant and shes gazes suspiciously with her head slightly tilted to one side and raised. OConor uses complementary colours of reds and greens and reflects light and shadow in the girls chin and neck with his use of long stripes running down the girls face, thus heightening the emotion of the piece. In the 19 century, OConor became aspired to drawing still lives rather than painting landscapes. His techniques became loose and uninterested in details. Such an example was Girl reading 1910. (To the right) This painting, in a riot of color portrays a girl immersed in a book, totally oblivious to her surroundings. Some criticise OConor here and argued that it was not a portrait because of his loosely formed technique and lack of interest. In 1915, nude painting also became a fascination of OConor and his work and technique of painting again changed. In the late 19th century, the nude human figure remained a popular subject for painters and sculptors across Europe, who used it to express pleasure in both the physical nature of the body and its deeper significance in conveying spiritual meaning. Reclining Nude on a chase longe 1915. (To the right) was a painting by OConor that gives viewers a different perspective of OConors personality. He used limited palette and there was strong emphasises on his contrast between light and shade. In 1920, OConor painted The Bathers. This particular piece demonstrates the strong use of colour. The pure colour of yellows on both riverbanks is reaching beyond impressionism and post-impressionism, towards fauvism, this being a name for artists who were solely interested in colours and not lines and accuracy. Previously, OConors colours were always at the service of his subject matter whereas in fauvism, colour was used as an end in itself. OConor, along with other Irish artists such as, Walter Osborne, Sir John Lavery and Nathaniel Hone, dominated and emerged as great artists between the period of 1850-1916, also known as the arbitrary date yet OConor in comparison stands out as being the most experimental and tentative as he bonded a closer, intense relationship to changes in European artistic trends. For many centuries now, artists have looked to England and other European countries to continue their training and livelihood. For OConor, this was the beginning of a new life, a new way of thinking and a positive way of implementing changes learnt to create perfect movement styles, to generate rational images. Many artists in Europe and beyond drew self-portraits of themselves. This in itself allows viewers to gain a perception of what artists were like. The most successful portraits always suggest the personalities, as well as their physical characteristics. The three portraits here allow us to see how OConor, Van Gogh and Gauguin portray themselves s individuals. OConors self portrait exposes something of OConors pensive, contemplative and anti-social nature, as well as his very French appearance, his pale skin texture and complexion, dark hair, and flaccid moustache. For want of a better model, Van Gogh chose to paint his own portrait on many occasions. While in Paris between 1886 and 1888, Van Gogh lightened his palette under the influence of the brilliant colours of the Impressionists, but he soon reserved the use of such light colours to express particular moods. Van Goghs stay in Paris was a relatively happy one and in this painting, created during the summer of 1887, he portrays himself with an almost light-hearted appearance. Gauguin exemplified the restless artistic spirit. In this image, painted during a brief return to Paris from Tahiti in 1893, he plays the role of outsider, wearing the clothes and long hair of a Breton peasant rather than the suit of a Parisian. The background is divided horizontally, separating a cerebral and spiritual world from a physical and material one. His hand points toward a reproduction of a sketch by the painter Eugene Delacroix representing Adam and Eve expelled from Paradise. With this gesture Gauguin alludes to his sympathies for the distraught couple, for he was temporarily expelled from the paradise he had once discovered in Tahiti. It would be interesting to see how Roderic OConor would have ended up and how his work might have developed if he had not stayed in France, and instead travelled further around Europe and later, return to Ireland. There was also the opportunity for him to explore the South Seas with Paul Gauguin but he refused. OConor emerged into Europe and was influenced immensely by French artists Gauguin (Symbolism) and Van Gogh (Post impressionism). He developed a close liaison and friendship to Gauguin and some of the French artists work, helped OConor widen his own horizons to different trends and attitudes to art in Europe. Some critics also suggest that OConor did not know or have a personal relationship with Van Gogh. This Myth is left untold. At times through OConors life (1860-1940), he was said to have departed from the traditional pursuit of reproducing an illusion of real space in paintings of subjects, choosing instead to exploit the possibilities of paint to explore the fleeting effects of nature. This was definitely the case for OConor and today OConor is regarded as one of the most important modernist painters. (According to the Hunt Museum in Limerick) Unlike other artists, OConor made his life on a continent, spending all his life in France. He was influenced by impressionism and post-impressionism, in particular by Van Gogh and Gauguin and at one time Seguin, yet from my own perspective, it was clear that he was exploring his own ideas too. His work was inventive and experimental; these emphasised in his early striped paintings and in the early 20th century, in his use of vivid colours. OConors versatility as a painter in Europe is illustrated with subject matter, ranging through landscape (The Field of Pont Even 1892), to figure painting (Young Breton Girl 1906), to still life (Girl Reading 1910) and to nude painting (Reclining Nude on a chase longe 1915). His work emphasises his importance, his progressiveness, and his overall freedom of interpretation and expression throughout his life from Studying in Ireland, to travelling and living his life in France, in Europe. OConor today is greatly admired by many and his work influenc es many young artists across Europe to their own individual approaches to painting. OConor is known for his distinctive and richly coloured paintings and his technique of bold drawing. His work gives young artists the opportunity to judge the importance of his contribution in the late 18th and early 19th century. Different movements of art formed and disappeared throughout Europe. Some mentioned above include the post-impressionistic work of Vincent Van Gogh, the symbolic work of Gauguin, and the expressionistic types created by Irish Artist, Roderic OConor, whose work as stated before, reflects the impact of Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, and his vivid use of colour anticipates the work of the Fauves painters, quoted by Simply Irish. Throughout the late 18th and mid 19th century, Romanticism was too, a rather important artistic and intellectual movement that originated, stressing strong emotions of art in Europe at that time. Romanticism emphasized the individual, the subjective, the irrational and the imaginative. Eugene Delocroix was a famous french romantic painter, whose use of colour was influential in the development of both impressionism and post-impressionism in trends in europe, even inspiring modern artists nowdays in europe, such as Pablo Picasso. Trends of arts in Europe at this time tends to be changing all the time. Many european artsists such as Delocroix etc visited England to broaden their horizans whereas we seen how painters from Ireland and England tended to travel to Europe to seek new experiences and opportunities. Observations of English, Irish and European cultures and traditions in general made a lasting impression upon those who travelled there. Realism was too, an important movement or style emerging in Europe. It was born in a time of revolutionary upheaval across Europe in the mid-19th century. Romanticism gave way to truth and sincerity, and a belief that art should come from direct experience. French art in Europe at this time was one favoured as most accepting to trends in 19th century Europe. Success of artists and public taste soon began to change. Realists turned convention on its head to give heroic character to everyday subjects. Manet (1832-1883) scandalized the public with his images of modern life. Impressionists tried to capture fleeting effects of light and atmosphere. Manet, like Roderic OConor found a flare to painting still life paintings at one point in his career. During the 19th century and early 20th both Paris and Europe developed new trends to art, giving it a new look. Urban renovations had opened the wide avenues and parks we know today, and painting was transformed when artists abandoned the transparent glazes and blended brush strokes of the past and turned their attention to life around them. Contemporary urban subjects and a bold style, which offered paint on the canvas as something to be admired within itself, giving art a strong new sense of the present.

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Fair Value Accounting Essay Essays

Fair Value Accounting Essay Essays Fair Value Accounting Essay Essay Fair Value Accounting Essay Essay AbstractionRecently. just value accounting suffers heated argument because the fiscal crisis. The intent of this article is to measure and understand just value both in literature analysis and pattern. This paper emphasizes the advantages and disadvantages of the just value measuring. Advocates believe that just value can supply timely information that reflects current fiscal market conditions. and information supplied is dependable. On the other manus. critics argue that just value accounting consequences the job of volatility. limited verifiable and dependable information and procyclicality tendency. After measuring the just value method. two companies were selected which are Qantas and BPH Billion to reflect the existent application of just value and other alternate methods in their 2011 fiscal studies. The dominant measuring is still historical cost. but houses still widely use just value in derivative fiscal instruments. employee portion program and so on. This article besides remarks the differences and similarities between two companies. The last portion shows the hereafter development of just value. and the sentiment is non to abandon this measuring. Suggestions are besides provided to work out peculiar jobs. for illustration. houses can disclosure sufficient and relevant information and premises in Level 1. 2 and 3. and regulators should go on to publish just value measuring criterions and do alterations. : IntroductionThere are some heated arguments about just value virtues and demerits and whether it has future development in fiscal study. Fair value is besides called mark-to-market accounting and it is defined as the value of assets and liabilities could be exchanged between knowing and willing parties in weaponries length minutess. The research methods of this article are based on some empirical groundss and analysis of literature. In the first portion. it critically evaluates the just value accounting by turn toing the pros and coins. and pull a decision that just value measuring is non a perfectmethod and will trip many jobs like inaccurate appraisal. but issues still exists when utilizing other methods like historical cost. Second. Qantas and BHP Billion that listed on ASX were selected to analyse how they used just value and other methods in their 2011 fiscal studies. The decision is that their major measuring is still historical cost. but they still applied just value in deriva tive fiscal instruments. employee portion program and hard currency et Al. The differences are how they revalue belongings. works and equipment. and how they recognize gross. The last portion illustrates the bing issues related to fair value and suggests some recommendations for future development. For illustration. the appraisal of just value contains mistakes and undependable information when the market is inactive and leads excessively much direction discretion. It is suggested that regulators have to see how much latitude should give to directors. and besides houses can supply sufficient information to investors no affair in Level 1. 2 or 3. Overall. the chief thought for the last portion is the just value will non be abandoned in the hereafter. Definition of just valueHarmonizing to AASB 13. it defines the just value as the appraisal of monetary value that would be received from the sell of plus or payment of transportation liability in an active market between willing parties at the measuring day of the month ( AASB. 2011 ) . The just value measuring encompasses three hierarchies. in degree 1 if the quoted monetary values for the same assets or liabilities in active markets are available. just value measuring should be used based on Level 1 inputs. If non. it should see Level 2 or Level 3 inputs. Level 2 inputs are discernible. including quoted monetary values for similar assets or liabilities in active markets. quoted monetary values for same or similar assets in inactive markets. and other relevant market informations. In footings of Level 3. the inputs are unobservable for assets and liabilities ; so mark-to-model attack will normally be used to find the just value ( Laux A ; Leuz 2010 ) . Advantages of the just value measuringTimely informationOne of the advantages of the just value is that it can supply up-to-date andmost relevant information than historical cost because it determines the value of assets and liabilities based on current market conditions. Therefore. the just value measuring increases the transparence and encourages prompt disciplinary actions ( Skoda A ; Bilka 2012 ) . Unbiased measuring and dependable informationFair value is a market-based measuring. therefore it can supply indifferent measuring which is non influenced by factors related to the peculiar entities and the measuring is besides consistent from period to period and cross entities ( Penman 2007 ) . Furthermore. the market-based measuring can provide verifiable and impersonal information informations. it besides means the information is dependable because houses will unwrap methodological analysiss and measurings they applied and relevant information ( Skoda A ; Bilka 2012 ) . Disadvantages of just value measuringVolatilityThe just value accounting will ensue the job of volatility. which contributes to inordinate purchase in roar periods and leads to excessive write-offs in flops because the alterations of assets and liabilities follow with the market environment. Furthermore. the being of volatility of a market perchance has more hazards and unfavourable deductions on companies’ investing capacity ( Laux A ; Leuz 2010 ) . Limited verifiability and dependabilitySome oppositions argue that just value measuring can non supply verifiable and dependable information. Harmonizing to Magnan. ML ( 2009 ) . standard-setters should concentrate on supplying verifiable and conservative information. Nevertheless. FVA can non ever supply verifiable or conservative information particularly for nonfinancial assets that companies utilizing appraisal to mensurate values instead than the existent market monetary values in Level 2 and 3 values. Then the state of affairs will ease use for direction and cut down the dependability of information. ProcyclicalityIt is believed by many oppositions that FVA creates plus bubbles andaggravates the effects of crisis and leads to procyclicality tendency. which increases the systematic hazards in fiscal market ( Jaggi et al. 2010 ) . Because the FVA dependants on market state of affairss. when just value increases. it is boon to banks’ balance sheets at the top of the rhythm and lessenings will weaken the banks’ balance sheets at the underside rhythm which besides cause the market to panic and impact the development of future market and even the whole fiscal system ( Veron 2008 ) . Evaluation of just valueAfter the treatment of pros and coins of the just value. it is clear that the virtues of just value are supplying seasonably and dependable information. while the demerits of just value are ensuing high volatility. limited dependable and verifiable information and tendency to procyclicality. Thus it is obvious that FVA remains imperfect and besides it is difficult to make up ones mind whether just value makes good betterments in accounting measuring ( Skoda A ; Bilka 2012 ) . For illustration. it has been discussed that just value measuring causes jobs when estimate the illiquid assets. whereas is it doing state of affairss better if companies utilizing different measurings like historical-cost accounting ( Laux A ; Leuz 2010 ) ? If there is no other measuring can work out the jobs triggered by FVA. it is still utile and should be applied to some extent. Fair value measuring in Qantas 2011 one-year studyQantas is regarded as one of the most prima trade names in Australia and it provides domestic and long distance air hose. The one-year study shows that the company used historical-cost. realizable value. present value and just value measurings. Fair value measuring is widely applied in Qantas study. First. derivative fiscal instruments are measured at just value both ab initio and on an on-going footing ( Qantas. p56 ) . Furthermore. fiscal warrant contracts are besides stated at just value when the warrant is issued ( Qantas. p58 ) . The just value of hard currency. hard currency equivalents and non-interest-bearing fiscal assets and liabilities approximate equal to their carrying sum as consequence of the short period adulthood. As for interest-bearing liabilities. they are valued ab initio at just value minus attributable dealing costs ( Qantas. p61 ) . Secondly. some grosss forillustration rider and cargo gross and salvation gross use just value method to some extent. Passenger and cargo gross is carried at the just value of the consideration received. while the salvation gross is depending on management’s appraisal of the just value of the expected awards for which the points will be redeemed ( Qantas. p57 ) . Furthermore. the assets classified as held for sale are measured at the lower of transporting sum and just value less costs to sell ( Qantas. p58 ) . Besides. share-based payment is valued at the just value method ( Qantas. p60 ) . Alternate measurings used in QantasQantas non merely applies the mark-to-market measuring but besides uses alternate methods in its study. The company prepared the Consolidated Financial Statements based on historical costs except some assets and liabilities should measured at just value that consistent with the accounting policies ( Qantas. p55 ) . When the house reports the belongings. works and equipment. they are ab initio measured at cost or stated at deemed cost less accrued depreciation and impairment losingss. and so utilize cost theoretical account in reappraisal for the subsequent twelvemonth ( Qantas. p58 ) . The stock lists are carried at the lower of cost and cyberspace realizable value and the footing of leaden norm costs is used on the costs of technology outgo and consumable shops ( Qantas. p58 ) . Furthermore. leased assets and liabilities are reported to the present value of the minimal rental payments ( Qantas. p59 ) . In add-on. non-current receivables and proviso are measured at present value ( Qantas. p58. 60 ) . Fair value measuring in BHP Billion 2011 one-year studyBHP Billion is a world’s largest manufacturer that major running the concern in excavation and crude oil. It is clear that the dominant method used by BHP Billion is historical cost measuring. and it besides uses just value and net nowadays value methods. BHP Billion applied just value in each category of fiscal instruments. All fiscal assets and liabilities except derived functions are ab initio reported at just value of consideration paid or received. and recognized at just value or amortized cost later ( BHP Billion. p211 ) . The just values of derived functions are based on quoted market monetary values ( BHP Billion. p211 ) . Available for sale and trading investings aremeasured at just value ( BHP Billion. p171 ) . Besides. the share-based payments are measured on the just value at grant day of the month ( BHP Billion. p168 ) . Alternate measurings used in BHP BillionHarmonizing to BHP Billion 2011 one-year study. the fiscal statements are drawn up on the footing of historical cost. while derivative fiscal instruments and other peculiar fiscal assets are carried at just value ( BHP Billion. p166 ) . Besides. the rating of belongings. works and equipment are carried on cost less accrued depreciation and damage charges. and the recoverable sum of them are measured at the higher of just value less costs to sell and value in usage ( BHP Billion. p169. 172 ) . Inventories. including work in advancement. are valued at the lower of cost and cyberspace realizable value. Furthermore. leased assets are capitalized at the lower of the just value of the belongings. works and equipment or the estimated present value of the minimal rental payments ( BHP Billion. p169 ) . Additionally. closing and rehabilitation commissariats are measured at the expected value of future hard currency flows. discounted to their present val ue ( BHP Billion. p171 ) . Compare the measurings between Qantas and BHP BillionComparing two companies. the similarities are that historical cost method is their major measuring and they both use just value in derivative fiscal instruments. share-based payments and fiscal assets and liabilities. Because the just value can reflect the up-to-date information of the current market. companies both apply this method in derivative and share-based payments. Besides. for some short period adulthood assets and liabilities. just value can be seen as equal to transporting sum. Furthermore. they both apply same method to mensurate stock lists. As for the differences. Qantas calculated rider and cargo gross and salvation gross in just value method. while BHP Billion acknowledge the gross revenues gross when economic entity has passed control of the goods or other assets to the purchaser. Item of belongings. works and equipment. Qantas used cost theoretical account to appreciate them. whereas BHP Billion recorded the ab in itio cost and so find recoverable sum at the higher of just value less costs to sell and value in usage. Future development of just valueHarmonizing to the treatment of virtues and demerits about the just value measuring. and presentation on how Qantas and BHP Billion applied the just value in their one-year studies. it is still hard to find whether just value method contributes benefits in accounting. Some argues that just value accounting in fiscal coverage may speed up its disjunction from a firm’s concern world. while standard-setters and accounting faculty members believe there is no alternate measuring or describing theoretical account better than FVA ( Magnan 2009 ) . As mentioned by Jaggi et Al. ( 2010 ) . ordinance on just value is important for offering dependable. transparent. and accurate information on plus values to investors. and information is utile during stable market conditions. while it fails to be usefulness when the fiscal market is unstable and volatile. The advantages of just value can back up this statement that it provides timely information. which is mo re utile and reflect current market conditions than historical cost for investors. that is the ground why Qantas and BHP Billion both use this method to mensurate the portions. derived functions and some fiscal instruments. However in an unstable fiscal market. for illustration. when confronting the fiscal crisis. companies’ values written down dramatically utilizing just value measuring. Another terrible job of the just value is that the appraisal of assets and liabilities contain mistakes and the information is non dependable comparison to true market value because it based on unobservable information and will take excessively much discretion for the direction. so it is suggested that the value of assets should non be based on a theoretical account that provides some theoretical value ( Jaggi et al. 2010 ) . Furthermore. regulators have to see how much latitude to give directors when they estimate just value. It is suggested that houses can widen revelation of the implicit in premises when usage just value appraisal no affair in Level 1. 2 or 3. For case. in Level 2 appraisal. companies should supply sufficient information to investors that can assist them to find which assets or liabilities are applied as the footing for comparing. and in Level 3. all relevant theoretical account inputs should be provided to investors ( Landsman 2012 ) . Even the measuring of just value is non accurate ; other alternate method still contains mistakes such as historical cost. Therefore. just valueaccounting should non be abandoned and in order to better it. alteration to the just value accounting should be concerned to work out the specific jobs. It is a challenge for regulators to supply guideline for the rating of fiscal assets that can forestall the companies from fiscal prostration and avoid greater uncertainness in the fiscal markets ( Jaggi et al. 2010 ) . Fortunately. academic accounting research workers like IASB and FASB continue to do attempt in publishing criterions associating to fair value measuring. revelation and acknowledgment that aim to supply ample chance for future research ( Landsman 2012 ) . Additionally. the ordinance compositors will hold a good chance to analyze the efficiency and utility of disclosed information comparing in different adoptive houses. Although the just value is far from perfect now. it is non necessary to abandon this method and all unfavorable judgment can promote farther explore to settle these issues and impulse related establishments to modify the ordinance in order to do betterments in just value measuring ( Skoda A ; Bilka 2012 ) . DecisionFair value measuring suffered many critics after the consequence of the fiscal crisis. It clearly shows the strengths and restrictions of the FVA in this article. The pros are that FVA supplies up-to-date and dependable information ; besides it is an indifferent measuring because it is non affected by factors related to other entities. Even though FVA will do many jobs like high volatility. limited verifiable and dependable and procyclicality tendency. it is still utile to some extent because other alternate methods may non execute better than the FVA. In Qantas and BHP Billion 2011 one-year study. they both reported elements like derived function. some peculiar fiscal instruments. and share-based payments on the footing of just value. The just value can outdo reflect the current market conditions. which is utile to do determinations for investors. There are besides some differences bing in two companies. They recognize belongings. works and equipment in different method. Qantas used cost theoretical accountwhile BPH Billion measured on the footing of reappraisal theoretical account. Besides. Qantas recognized some gross like rider and cargo gross and salvation gross in just value. while BHP Billion was non. As for the hereafter development of the just value. just value accounting should non be abandoned. When confronting the job of just value appraisal. it is suggested that extend revelation of the implicit in premises to users whether in Level 1. 2 or 3. In order to better the measuring. regulators should maintain issue and modifying criterions related to just value measuring and hole progressive in the system. Additionally. ordinance compositors can analyze the efficiency and utility of just value among different adoptive houses. MentionAustralian Accounting Standards Board 2011. Fair Value Measurement. Australian Government. Melbourne. Victoria. viewed 25th April 2013. lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. aasb. gov. au/admin/file/content105/c9/AASB13_09-11. pdf gt ; BHP Billion Limited. BHP Billion one-year study 2011. viewed 27th April 2013. lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. bhpbilliton. com/home/investors/reports/Documents/2011/BHPBillitonAnnualReport2011_Interactive. pdf gt ; Jaggi. B. Winder. JP A ; Lee. CF 2010. ‘Is There a Future for Fair Value Accounting After the 2008–2009 Financial Crisis? ’ Review of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies. vol. 13. no. 3. pp. 469–493 Landsman. WR 2012. ‘Is just value accounting information relevant and dependable? Evidence from capital market research’ Accounting and Business Research. vol. 37. no. 1. pp. 19-30 Laux. C A ; Leuz. C 2010. ‘Did Fair-Value Accounting Contribute to the Financial Crisis? ’ The Journal of Economic Perspectives. vol. 24. no. 1. pp. 93-118 Magnan. ML 2009. ‘Fair Value Accounting and the Financial Crisis: Messengeror Contributor? ’ . Accounting Perspectives. vol. 8. no. 3. pp. 189 Penman. SH 2007. ‘Financial coverage quality: is just value a plus or a subtraction? ’ Accounting and Business Research. vol. 37. no. 3. pp. 33-44 Skoda. M A ; Bilka. P 2012. ‘Fair value in fiscal statements-advantages and disadvantages’ . Studia Universitatis Vasile Goldis Arad. Seria Stiinte Economice. vol. 22. no. 22. pp. 1-8 The Qantas Group 2011. Qantas one-year study 2011. viewed 26th April 2013. lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. qantas. com. au/infodetail/about/investors/2011AnnualReport. pdf gt ; Veron. N 2008. ‘Fair Value Accounting is the Incorrect Scapegoat for this Crisis’ . Accounting in Europe. vol. 5. no. 2. pp. 63-69

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Problem Solving Skills

Problem Solving Skills The term problem solving skills refers to a number of academic and real life situations that require the ability to dissect problems and effectively resolve them. Problem solving  is considered to be the process of finding solutions to difficult issues.  The term problem solving skills refers not only to one’s ability to solve math problems but also to a number of academic and real life situations that require the ability to dissect problems and effectively resolve them. Problem solving skills are also of extreme importance in the academic setting because they are an inalienable part of one’s studies, effective work and life. Your teachers, tutors, professors, instructors will often give you problem-solving assignments as means of building up your life and academic competencies. Globally speaking, your entire education is built on problem solving, and here is why: when you are given a problem that ranges 1 out 3 on the complexity scale, you might not be able to deal with it at first. PROBLEM SOLVING STRATEGIES However, with a little bit of help and knowledge, you are able to break it up into a set of smaller problems and solve them one by one.  Eventually, you will be able to solve problems level 1 easily. Once you have reached this level, you will be ready to move on to Level 2 and the cycle will repeat. Education works exactly the same way: once you complete one problem-solving assignment, your skills grow and you are ready to move onto a more difficult one.  The higher you are in this hierarchy, the better your problem-solving skills are and the more complex problems you can resolve. Types of Problem Solving Skills As a matter of fact, solving different types of problems requires a considerable number of skills, but they all may be divided into two main types: analytical and creative. Let us find out the role of these two skill groups. Analytical skills, which are also collectively called ‘logical thinking’, is a kind of thinking responsible for selecting the best solution out of all possible solutions. Analytical thinking involves the following skills: ordering, comparing, contrasting, evaluating and selecting. Creative skills or creative thinking can be characterized as a thinking process, which creates a solution that is both new and valuable. The search for such solution is based on imagination, intelligence and cognition. Creative thinking helps to see beyond the obvious and plays an important role in solving the problem.  Creative thinking helps to see beyond the obvious and plays an important role in problem solving. Very often ideas obtained in the process of creative thinking seem illogical at first. However, subsequent ideas may alter and modify the initial ‘illogical’ solution to the extent where it seems perfectly suitable. Such skills include some basic elements such as fluency ­, flexibility,  and originality as well as  ­producing uncommon ideas. Problem Solving Pattern Effective problem solving usually involves a number of specific steps. Depending on the situation and the type of problem, you will use one or the other problem-solving pattern. Nevertheless, we would like to offer a list of specific problem-solving steps. Problem identification Ability to identify a problem means that a person can adequately detect and recognize the problem, identify its source and nature. It may sound obvious, but this step requires more thought and analysis than it may seem at first. Problem structure This skill requires the ability to observe, carefully inspect and develop a clear picture of the problem. When working on a problem, you need to find as much information about the problem as possible; as a result, you will build a more comprehensive picture of goals and barriers. This may not be needed for simple problems but is necessary for complicated ones. Identifying possible solutions When trying to solve a problem you will need to identify all possible solutions and select the most viable of them. It works like brainstorming, where you name and write down whatever solution comes into your mind. The only difference is that your solutions are limited to whatever ideas come to your head, and that narrows down your choices. Nevertheless, you are still getting a list of viable solutions and are able to select the ones that you think are most effective. Decision-making skills Once you have generated all solutions it is essential that you select the best one. This is perhaps the most complex part of the problem-solving process. Some solutions may not be possible due to circumstance like time constraints, budget, complexity etc. Evaluate all pros and cons and make a decision – which course of action do you want to take? Implementation This step involves accepting and carrying out the chosen course of action. Implementation implies that you need to act based on the chosen solution. Implementation stage may bring some unexpected surprises; in most cases, they are a result of inadequate analysis of the problem. Feedback The last step of effective problem solving is reviewing outcomes of problem solving. This step means that you need to make sure your decision was successful and effective. This can be achieved by monitoring and gaining feedback from people affected by the changes that occurred. THE ART OF EFFECTIVE PROBLEM SOLVING In order to effectively solve problems, you need to be attentive, well-organized, flexible and motivated to find the solution. This level of problem-solving skills will require you to build up considerable experience in problem solving. Once you have dealt with a number of complex issues and have attained certain expertise in it, you will start solving most problems subconsciously and automatically. While you are still on this way, is happy to help you work through your problem-solving assignments. We are ready to help you with all kinds of problem-solving activities, ranging from math problems to problems of logical nature, law and even more. Feel free to place your order today and we will gladly help you to work through your assignment. is the service you can trust!

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The View On The Future Life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The View On The Future Life - Essay Example Now if I talk from the realistic perspective, I see my self at a stable position after ten years. It is because currently I am a high school student and I have plans to study further until I become a graduate. If I continue my studies, I will be able to earn a graduate degree, which will be one of my greatest achievements. Even being a high school student, I have no fantasies in my mind. Being a realistic person, I see myself doing a reasonable job in a company after getting my graduate degree. It is because every person does some sort of job after completing the education which is a realistic approach towards life. Therefore, I am hoping for the best but with that, I am also ready for the worst because, in reality, nothing is certain about the future of any person.There is a huge difference between the romantic and realistic approaches towards life. The romantic approach means a dreamy, idealistic, or impractical approach towards life. Romanticism makes a person idealistic, which is of very less importance in the real life. Romanticism generates a sense of fantasy in the mind of a person that leaves behind the importance of a practical and realistic life. If we talk about realistic approach, we can say that realistic approach is a sensible and rational approach towards life. Realism generates the sense of practicality in life. Realistic approach definitely leads a person towards success because it incorporates practical and fact-based thinking regarding different matters of life.